Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It's tough to make changes. Even when they are extremely beneficial for you. But I'm ready to start making changes...they may be baby steps but changes none the less. One thing is realizing my portions are out of control. Last night we had spaghetti - I could have been content with 1/2 of what I ate and of course I thought of that after. Food is by far the hardest part of this. Working out can be difficult but after the endorphins give you fuel to remember why you want to keep working out.

When I had lost weight before my little self motto was "This is a journey not a race" still a good motto for weight loss but I have a new one. It's nothing new. It's nothing eye opening. Nothing that will change how anyone thought before, but for me it's working. "KEEP MOVING" This had popped into my head a few days and I'm starting to put it into practice. How? Music. I have two stations I'm using right now on Pandora - Group 1 Crew and Toby Mac - And when I hear a song we do at Zumba I do the routine or if I hear an upbeat song I just start doing squats or dancing to it. I'm loving it. It's funny how much more energy you have just by simply moving more often throughout the day. Just starting this so maybe it will change but for now it's working!

Goals are important and I understand many don't want to put numbers on those goals but I am, until I get to a healthy weight and then I can focus on how I feel. So from now until next August my {eeekkkk!} 28th birthday I'd like to be to my goal weight. For me to reach that it would mean I need to lose 5 pounds a month. I find this very reasonable. I may second guess this "reasonable" thought at Christmas time ;)

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