Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spiritual Weight

Spiritual weight.
This can be a problem too.
Knowing you love God, you are committed to serving him and the yearning to serving others. You may read your bible occasionally and maybe a prayer here and there. But there's that weight. The weight that something is missing. The weight that there is no connection between what you read and God. There is no connection between the simple prayer without your heart and God.

And the weight either burns out and all together you slowly start falling away from God. Or the weight becomes enough that you can't just let it go. 

You need to become more. Because the weight is leaving a hole where God intended joy.

And then He leads you somewhere.

You see something about #shereadstruth. Hhmmm... I'm a "she" and reading truth must be about the bible. So you look into it. You feel these women are already connected there's no place for you. But when God needs to break you and has more in store for you those feelings can be pushed aside.

And that's exactly what I did. Those feelings I always get, I just pushed them away and started. I started the #shereadstruth journey on May 5th. I started on day 1 with the Soul Detox.  But everyone {not everyone but that's how it seemed} where days ahead so I just jumped into where they were. I had almost a week I just stopped reading and doing these devotions. But I needed it, I had fallen in love with this journey and couldn't just leave it.  

I have been broken. We've read it's good to be broken then God can work on you. And that's exactly what he's been doing. I have been convicted in what I watch was the first big step. NO more True Blood, NO to 50 Shades and NO to stripping Channing. Not an easy step because of my flesh but I cannot explain to you how much more joy and peace I have in my heart just by allowing my conviction to turn to obedience. 

Another conviction -- something I've been convicted about very often. Gossip. Ugh. That's a tough one. Learning to pray for people instead of gossip about them. Still very much a work in progress. 

Another improvement - my marriage is oddly better - more peaceful and much more loving. 

When you are faithful you get to see and feel the blessings!!!

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