Wednesday, August 15, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday

Losing the weigh of dirt of overwhelming mess.

I've seen people doing the 20 Chore Tuesday and haven't done it because Monday is usually my crazy busy day with my to do list, but Monday I had to take the car in to get serviced; oil change, tires rotated, some brake thing replaced and tire fixed because a nail punctured it. By the time I got home there wasn't much time in the day to do a big to do list so I didn't.

So Tuesday roles around and I think I can do this, I have a lot to do. And I did. I worked all day and did a few extra things that weren't even on the list. In between being a mommy and football practice for the boy I got it finished. My last item was finished after practice around 9pm before putting Miss Addie Boo to bed.

There's everything finished!! It was nice to actually get every item on my to do list checked off.

And some other pictures from yesterday just because:

Miss Olivia and Miss Addison - such sweetness. I love watching their relationship - it's very interesting to me because I did not have a sister growing up, just brothers.

In the middle of the kids playing with their friends out back Alex runs in with these, "I got you a flower momma" Seriously melt. Alex and me have an odd relationship right now. I don't like it. I even hate it more to admit it. It feels strained. He's all about daddy. Daddy is everything. And I am beyond thankful they have such an amazing relationship - Douglas was determined to have it good with Alex and to keep having such a good relationship with him. Most of the time it seems to me that I am just an annoyance to Alex, such an odd thing to admit. But times like these remind me I'm his momma and he loves me, but he likes to do boy things that daddy is just 1,000 times better at doing than I am.

At football practice last night. It was such a nice evening but I was actually cold and wished I had brought a jacket. 

It's time for fall -- more football, colorful leaves, hot cider, halloween, hoodies.....

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  1. I am not looking forward to that day Oliver is a Daddy's boy :( thats why i need a little girl!... good for you getting all that done. I haven't gotten through a to do list in I don't know how long!