Tuesday, August 28, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday

I was again excited for #20choretuesday.
I'm not so excited about some things that got accomplished and now that it's 9:00pm it looks like it was never touched.

But here's my list for today:
Clean kitchen
Sweep kitchen
Mop kitchen
Dishes {several times}
Clean 1/2 bathroom
Clean and re-organize my "junk" drawers <<--- AAAHHH that felt good to finally get done!
Sweep front entry
Mop entry way
Vacuum stairs
Clean laundry room
Mop laundry room floor
Clean sliding door - dirtiest window in our house
Wash coffee pot
Wash, dry and put away Olivia and Addison's clothes
Wash, dry and put away Alex's clothes
Clean office area - This was last on my list so not my best job but done
Delete unneeded contacts on my phone
Take trash to the curb

My morning started out again early. Woke I'm guessing around 5:30 {again} tried to fall back asleep but failed so I got up around 6:00am. I came down stairs and made homemade apple cinnamon muffins. It's a good thing kitchen was on my list because it was a mess after making the muffins.

I just prayed and hoped my kids liked them. And boy did they! Addison ate 2 1/2 muffins. Alex and Olivia ate 2. Alex said I should make more and send them with him to school. That's big! I was so happy they liked them so much!!

I don't know if Addison has ever been this happy in the morning. It was very delightful to start the morning with her so happy and all of them with warm and happy bellies.

After I started right on my list working in the kitchen. Then I stopped for a bit to do some devotions. Usually I'm doing the #shereadstruth but I am bad and don't always read the emails and missed the memo that we were resting on Sundays which means I was ahead. So today I decided to listen to one of my favorite pastors, Francis Chan. There's just something about him. How he uses scripture to punch you in the face. And he has such a gentle way about him, he is definitely blessed!!!!

Then my friend Cassie and her lil cutie came over. So like I've been trying to learn I sat. And I talked. I tried not to clean. I realized when people come over I have this tendency to be Martha and not Mary. I'm working on it. 

After they left I hit the list hard again.
That was until some more emotional turmoil happened.
And then peanut m&ms with chips sounded like the cure, of course accompanied with some coffee.

I finally did finish. 

I was very very very happy to get those junk drawers taken care of. I have two of them, on the island. 

I'm tired. I'm accomplished. 
I got it done. 
And will do it again next Tuesday! 
How did you ladies do?

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