Sunday, August 5, 2012


This has nothing to do with my physical weight. Or spiritual weight. Or our financial weight.

But I must share Alex's first scrimmage pictures. Because what's an event without pictures if I'm around?!!

This was in the morning before the game at home - it's game face time!

I love seeing my husband helping coach. He loves it, the kids think he's so funny and I just love it. Plus it's nice for Alex.

When he went on the field I didn't even realize at first because I was trying to keep Miss Addison happy and occupied. Keeping a 13 month old baby happy in a stroller at a game is not easy. 

They got beat bad. But they all had fun. Hopefully the Cougars will do better next game, which happens to be next Sunday. 

All in all I love love love watching my lil guy play football. He loves it! I just can't believe him and Olivia are already 6 years old and my baby is such a sassy little toddler. I love them. My heart overflows with joy with them. Yes, I can get overwhelmed way easier than I should. And at times feel like it's all too much....but I wouldn't trade it for anything!! We are ridiculously blessed by our children. 

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