Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meeting of the teachers

Today we went to Babeck to meet the teachers.
First we met Alex's teacher, Ms Faris.
She's an older teacher, sweet lady.
After meeting her I'm thinking she will be great for Alex.
She knows all the tricks, nothing will surprise her.
And she will not let Alex say
"I can't do this" in his highly exaggerated voice.
Alex was bummed at first because he didn't think any of his football friends were in his class
but thankfully there is one.

Then we went upstairs to Olivia's class.
I said separate and separate they did.
Olivia's teacher is Ms. Nickell.
Very bubbly woman.
Again I was thinking perfect for Olivia.
God obviously knows what He's doing -- again Katie, TRUST in God's plan.
There is also a student teacher in Olivia's classroom, as sweet as can be.
She reminds me of Kristen.
There are also a lot of twins in her class.
There are a set of twin girls who are not separated also a boy {football player} that is separated from his twin brother.
She also knows another boy in there, because he lives right near us and they play with him often.

Then we headed down to talk to transportation.
I imagined meeting some grumpy old man.
No, a sweet lady full of laughter.
The kid's will get on the bus at the corner, we're the second house from the corner, so I'm happy with it.
The bus will pick them up around 8:10.
Oh Olivia, is not going to like this.
She usually doesn't wake up till 8:30 or 9:00.
Adjustment for her.

All in all I left the school in joy.
It hit me again
God has this all planned
And HIS plans are so much better than mine.
His ways are greater.

Back when we were deciding between Private christian and school and public school I was driving myself nuts.
Once Doug and I received the answer to send them to public school
I had peace.
Like really peace.
I was no longer frustrated with the decision.
I was no longer worrying how sending my children to public school would destroy them.
No, instead I felt complete peace.
And the whisper it's YOUR job to teach them about ME not the schools.

I'm excited for their kindergarten year.
I'm excited that this time {we tried last year, they just weren't ready} they are actually ready.
They are excited, both of them, not just Alex.

My babies are growing up.
I'm just wanting to soak it all in because it's already gone by so quickly.

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