Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 on 10

Yesterday was September 10th which meant #10on10. I used my ig to do all my pictures, except I did too many. I don't know why I was thinking 12 hours instead of 10. Yesterday was a whirlwind and I feel like I never stopped.
I'm not posting all just 10 pictures

Picture #1 8:00
Breakfast. I made myself some breakfast after the kids got on the bus. I had 2 scrambled eggs, toast and of course coffee. For some reason yesterday God blessed me with an amazing cup of coffee - it was pretty much perfect!

Picture #2 9:00
After breakfast I cleaned up the kitchen from the morning chaos and then did my devotions. I had gotten ahead again in Proverbs so I just went off what we've been learning at church --> stewardship. I was lead to some other verses to add to it.

Picture #3 10:00
Around 10 my nephew, Xavier got here. I watch him on Mondays and Wednesdays while my sister in law goes to school. He only wanted me yesterday, all day. Poor guy, I think his molars were bothering him. Plus he ran into the table again, when he did I literally had the thought to kick the table, glad I didn't, it probably would've just hurt me too.
----stupid table

Picture #4 11:00
Technically he shows up a little before 11 so momma can nurse him before she heads into work. We are definitely starting to know each other a little more, he is becoming more comfortable with me. He slept good yesterday, but boy does he love to snuggle :)

Picture #5 12:00
I felt like they just left and they were back. Yesterday morning was so busy/crazy. They brought home paperwork for kindergarten shirts. Oh boy. More money to spend;)

Picture #6 1:00
Cutting out sight words. I am not "that" stay at home mom. That mom who has it all together. I am so scatterbrained. Having sight words out of my sight means out of my mind so we haven't been going over them. I cut out the sight words and hung them on the wall....now I actually can remember to go over them. 

Picture #7 2:00
After Xavier woke from his nap I had put Landon down {and yesterday he actually slept in the pack n play...woohooooo} and then I laid Addie Boo down. Xavier was feeling still very fussy and just wanted to cuddle so I grabbed some graham cracker, turned on Tarzan and he pulled the blanket on him and we cuddled and watched some of this.

Picture #8 4:00
My husband was craving buffalo chicken dip and made it. Have to say not my favorite thing in the world. Actually I just really don't care for it at all. 

Picture #9 6:00
My mother in law had given me a free coffee drink coupon from McDonalds the last time she visited so last night I dropped Doug and Alex off at practice and then headed to McDonalds to finally use my free drink coupon - Iced Carmel Mocha. It was a wonderful treat to have while at practice.

Picture #10 10:00
Watching the rest of the Benglas vs Ravens game. Last night I was cheering on the Ravens since I have them for my defense in fantasy football. Playing fantasy football makes you cheer differently, if not for that I would've been rooting on WhoDey.

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