Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{20 Chore Tuesday}

Yesterday I had no desire to really clean.
It was cloudy, breezy and just one of those days I would have rather sat with a book.
It took me awhile
But I did get 20 chores done.
Maybe easier chores, but hey I got 20 done.

1) Clean out fridge - I do this weekly so it really doesn't take me long at all anymore
2) Clean the kitchen - this did however take a good amount of time
3) Sweep kitchen floor 
4) Take trash to the curb
5) Clean closet - we have a closet in our kitchen where we keep our shoes and coats, it becomes very overrun by too many shoes and all the mulch from the playset makes it so dirty.
6) Clean pantry - needs to be tended from time to time
7) Dishes
8) Sweep front door area 
9) Vacuum stairs 
10) Clean master bedroom - on Monday we made some changes in our master bedroom. We had a Cal King mattress that was just falling apart, making it hard for us to sleep so we got rid of that and changed back to a Queen - big {small} change. We love the new set up
11) Vacuum master bedroom
12) Wash dry and put away Alex's clothes
13) Wash dry and put away girls' clothes
14) Vacuum stair landing
15) Clean living room
16) Clean tv area
17) Vacuum living room
18) Wash dry and put away our clothes
19) Clean front room
20) Vacuum front room

and this.....

Wasn't even on the list. I love laundry. And I love folding socks. It was just peaceful. Sitting on my bed, windows open, kids dancing to Veggie Tales music.

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