Friday, September 14, 2012

Coffee Friday

If we were having coffee together

I'd tell you I am missing Arizona something fierce. I miss the mountains and the sunsets. I miss the way the sun warmed you to the core. I miss the crazy people I worked with at the salon. But what I miss most is how I felt about myself. I was working out, eating healthy. I had a rigged schedule. I miss how I felt. I miss that strength and confidence.

I'd tell you going through Proverbs was such a beautiful thing. Throughout the whole study God really began working on the ugliness in my heart. Really began working in me, to make real changes. To let HIM show the grace He's been trying to show me along. I was doing so much that one day I told God I had enough, I needed a break from it and guess what He gave it to me. Seriously, more and more I fall in love with Him. This month I've really had my eyes open to his grace. Sometimes it was straight from God and sometimes it was presented from others.

I'd tell you I finally don't feel so lonely at football practices and games. I actually now have other moms I talk to --- and with that is the big struggle to gossip. 

I'd tell you that I can't stop listening to JJ Heller and Kari Jobe music and think a duo concert would be a dream ;) The words of their songs somehow just penetrate my heart so deeply.

I'd tell you that yesterday I took a day of rest. I didn't clean. I did 1 load of laundry. I sat around and tried really really tried to cuddle with Addison, she is just not a cuddler. I had some wine in the evening in the quiet, while trying to shop for white shirts...oh boy.

And today I feel so refreshed.
I feel rested.
I feel ready to tackle my chores.

I'd tell you I am falling more and more in love with our church. I'd tell you at first I wasn't a fan. I'd tell you what got me to church was trusting in God and His bigger plans. I'd tell you my heart wasn't in it. I'd tell you I have no idea when I started falling in love, but I have. I'd tell you every Sunday I leave with a renewed strength and passion to love like Jesus loves.

I'd tell you there is a stirring in my heart.
To be a steward.
A stirring that I just want people to know Jesus. That I want people to understand His grace. 

And that even in my many flaws I somehow can be light and salt.

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