Monday, September 24, 2012

{Our Weekend}

Friday evening after Olivia and Alex went to bed I took Addie and we went to Wal Mart. She needed jeans for the family photoshoot we were having on Saturday. I got her a pair of wide legged jeans and some sparkly ones...oh and some adorable new purple shoes. 

I actually slept in Saturday morning until 8:00, it felt so nice. And then I spent the rest of the morning getting everything together for Alex's football game and having everything ready for the family shoot. When I got to the field for Alex's game the freshman boys were still playing and ran over. Oh this day was bound to be stressful. With a late start to Alex's game I was worried if we were going to even make it in time for pictures.

But the day was beautiful! It was a perfect day for some Pee Wee football.

Have I told you how much I love watching my husband coach?!!! He is sooooo good with those boys! 

Little Landon did so good at the game! Awww isn't he just precious?!!!! 

Once the game was ended and the second grade game started even later I was worried. I skipped working the concession. There were enough people. I tried calling the football mom with no success. So I skipped. We rushed home. Got Alex in the shower, got him and the girls dressed and then we got dressed, got everything together and headed for Oxford.

I was not excited about this at all. The inconsideration that occurred with this whole situation made me so angry. And I am finding out the older I get the less easy it is for me to put on a fake smile and act like everything is ok. But at least my hair wasn't having a freak out day. That could have resulted in an epic meltdown {aka adult tantrum} 

The older two on the way to the photoshoot. I thought the all white concept was just weird. Overdone. And weird. Thankfully we were in this very green area with shade so I don't think anyone will look washed out.

Miss Addie Boo before the shoot started. So funny story. Other people were running late and I probably could have worked the concession stand. The irony.

My beautiful sister {in law} Ellayna. Aren't her dark brows gorgeous?!!! The only way I get mine like that is with makeup. 

I love this picture of Addison and me that Kristen took. Addison did so good at the shoot. She has lots of practice since I can't seem to survive normally without my camera.

And here's one of the pictures. Kristen took this on her spiffy Iphone 5 {I may be slightly jealous and bitter ;)} In all the shoot was good to start with but it quickly got cold. Everyone was freezing and the poor kids had pink noses. The shoot took 2 hours. I was more than ready to jump in our car and turn on that heated seat on high!!! 

We had all planned having a picnic at the park after the shoot but it was just too cold so we decided to go back to the inlaws.

On my way home the sun looked gorgeous in the mirror, so I of course like the picture freak I am had to capture this.

We went to the inlaws and ate food and had a lot of talking. It was a nice evening. I didn't want to stay long, but we ended up staying pretty late.
Sunday morning Douglas woke up feeling terrible. All the kids woke up with coughs and sniffles. 
The kids were well enough to go to church so I took them, while Doug rested. Poor hubby usually doesn't get sick so often. He just got over this mess a few weeks ago. At church our pastor was talking about Acts 2:42-47 {GO AND READ IT} It's about how the "church" should be. How we should be treating one another. It didn't really sink in right away, but more and more as the day went on I really started getting it! 

It proved to really be fall on Sunday. I was decked out in my boots and blue/green scarf. Fall has definitely made its presence. 

Once we got home we just relaxed and watched some football. I got on ig {no surprise there!} and saw a mug swap. Talk about excited! There was a mug swap months ago that I missed.

I'm all signed up and have the person I'm suppose to send a mug to. Now to find a unique mug for her.

Later Stella and Olivia brought me in some wild "flowers" from the plot next door.

I love flowers. Whether they are actual flowers or weeds. I love them. I'm that girl that would rather have flowers on my table than diamonds around my neck. Flowers bring me so much joy.

Then last night we went out to celebrate Doug's raise by going to this whole in the wall place in our town. Sushi on the menu -- you better believe that's what I'm ordering. And YUMMM. I was beyond surprised to have Sushi in Trenton, let alone good sushi. After dinner we went to UDF for some ice cream.

Then last night before bed. I received a message. A message from an old friend from college. Oh how I miss her!! But the message was just so encouraging. Recently I have discovered giving and receiving are my love language. I show my love by being encouraging {and helping when and how I can - that's another love language} and I feel loved when I am encouraged. Letters warm my heart. 

All in all we had a very busy weekend. God taught me a lot this weekend about how I view situations and my reactions to them. Reminding me it's ok to be upset, but that I still need to learn how to talk about how others hurt me and not just being angry at them and pushing people away. 

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