Wednesday, September 5, 2012

To Have A Servants Heart

This morning after doing my devotionals I prayed hard for a servants heart because today was the first day with both nephews, whom I love dearly and would do anything for them but adding two more lil guys is no easy task.
I love to help.
Love it.
But I know when I need God's strength above all that I have to offer.

After before lil Landon got here I flipped this. My thought was oh how I love this verse. Always such a wonderful reminder when I am pressed beyond all reason. When I am struggling with living. When things just are too much.
For today it was just a nice reminder that God gives me rest.
What I didn't realize is that God was not just reminding me of this promise but
preparing me for the day.
I have a little cold, nothing terrible. Sore throat, headache and tiredness.
So nothing that can't be handled with normal activity.

Oh such sweetness. 
This quiet sweetness didn't last all day and I was really really really hoping to end the day as 
Super Auntie.
Except that did not happen.

See that
on his forehead.
That big goose egg.
Well there goes my shiny gold plated award for Super Auntie.
I was going into the kitchen and he was running after me
and our big bad table attacked him.
Poor guy.
It was so big.


 I had to fight off the thoughts satan was feeding me
"Look at you screw up"
"See I knew you couldn't handle this"
"You're a terrible aunt"

But what helped fight those feelings....sweet little cuddles from him and the sweetness of grace from his momma. Without those I probably would have fed into those lies.

Not long later he was running around playing and being all boy as he was before.

All in all I got lots of more baby boy snuggles, realized the grace and promise that God will strengthen me when I'm weak. 

All day I kept reminding myself of the verse from this morning, and all day I had the strength.

I could not being any happier, getting to spend all this extra time with my nephews loving on them!!!!

I may not be Super Auntie 
But I am Auntie Katie and they will both know without a doubt how much they are loved by me. 

{{And side note....being brought the best tasting tea ever definitely helped the day}}

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