Sunday, September 30, 2012

{{Weekend Review}}

Our week was busy. So busy.
Our weekend was just as {or more} busy.
Friday my mother in law came to visit along with her nephew, which is such a doll.
I really didn't have any time to just sit and enjoy her company.
That evening we turned on some movies for the kids and finally got to relax.

That night ended up being a nightmare. 
Colds started last weekend.
Slowly progressed.
Friday night Addie would not go to sleep until after 11pm.
I was so glad when she finally fell asleep because I was tired!!

And then a little after 12:30 Alex has woke up coughing and complaining about his ears.
Finally got him calmed down.
I gave him some Delsym and had him drink some tea.
I went to bed at 2:30
At 3:00 I heard Addie screaming.
She pretty much screamed, cried, threw her body all over.
Talk about E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D. <---understatement
After waking up I went to go get donuts for everyone {us + the youngs + bridgett and her nephew + kristen&elisha}
My mil ended up literally getting no sleep so she left after breakfast.
I then took Alex and Addison to urgent care.
Double middle ear infection and upper respiratory infection for both kids.
Now was the issue of Alex's football game and our free King's Island tickets.
He went to his game, dressed, but did not play.
We did go to King's Island.
Yes, call us bad parents.
They were so excited plus it ended up being a nice warm day. 

The Haunt has started at King's Island.
I am not a fan of Halloween.
I don't mind kids dressing up.
But the spooky stuff - I hate it.
But seeing as my kids watch what I say and do 
I didn't let me fear show.

We didn't ride much.
To our sadness Olivia is not a fan of rides.
And scream as if someone is murdering her.
When we rode the big boat ride
I was laughing so hard I was crying because of her screaming.
No, seriously, you would have to.

The view from the "awful" tower.
Alex still calls it that.
It was so beautiful.
{{Side note -- years ago -- hubby and I had a huge makeout fest up there....not that you were that interested in that story, but too bad I shared it ;) }}

At 6:00 is when The Haunt starts. 
We didn't get there until a little before 4:00 
So we stayed. 
Honestly I was a little freaked out.
I kept telling myself not to scream. 

See that photo bomb.
Yep that's my husband's boss. 
Those free tickets - were from Doug's work.
We didn't see his boss until he photo bombed our picture.
Is that not one of the best photo bombs ever?!!!

I figured out getting pictures with the "monsters" helped to ease myself.
Plus fun memories or something like that.
I am just not a fan of the spooky. 
Honestly when it was time to leave I was thankful.
I would've loved to stay longer....if the Halloween stuff wasn't there.

We had a wonderful evening!!!! 
And were so thankful our friends could watch Addie for us.

This morning we took a skip day from church.
We were all exhausted and with Addie and Alex on medicine I didn't want them getting other kids sick.

Thankfully I could watch church from my front room.

I am seriously amazed by how #shereadstruth devotional and sermon from church goes so well together. This has happened for the past month. God is amazing! 

Addie is miserable.
I mean, seriously so miserable.
She didn't get sick her first year of life.
It was nice.
But now she doesn't know how to cough, it's like she's just now learning how to cough.
And with all that mucus she is just a mess.

I can't wait for her to be over this junk.

Later this evening we're doing yard clean up: putting the hoses away, summer toys away and doing some weeding. 

I hope your weekend is going beautifully and that you are enjoying time with your family!!!!

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  1. I also hate the spooky of Holloween, hate it! Love the photo of you guys and the creeper though, it's good even with the boss photo bomb :)