Thursday, October 25, 2012

And God speaks

My negativity.
My fear.
My anxiety.
My brokenness.

It was all wiped away.
Ok not all of it.
But then weight of it all was lifted.

And God said this is my plan for you.
He's used so many around me to speak life into me.
To remind me of God's great power.

And then yesterdays devotional made things very clear.
{{Little psa - if you are female, love Jesus and are ready for serious growth go to link above}}
After that devotional I just broke down.
I was reminded it's not just about me.
As I even write this I feel shaky.
Remembering that His children need security.
Need somewhere to be safe and although we are no where near perfect parents
We CAN provide a safe home.
It may be crazy here but we love each other like crazy.

God gave us this.
And even though storms will come
HE will never leave our sides.

So we are getting ready.
Preparing our hearts.
Will be taking foster care classes soon.

There are still some questions left.
Like the fact that we drive a Kia Soul.
That's five seats for five people.

And how exactly we prepare Alex, Olivia and Addison for children coming into our home and then leaving again.
How we prepare for the deep, deep hurts these children have had to face.

But I'm not longer fighting it.
I'm still a bit {a lot} scared
but I will continue looking to God for direction.

This song has been such a life changing song for me and more and more the words deeply reach my heart.

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