Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Link Up

Well why not.
I may have a link up addiction.

This is my first ever link up with 5ohwifey  and Living In Yellow

Here are my 3 things I can't live without -- what about you?

{{Oh and excuse the scary monster on the screen - she's quite sick}}

You can also link up and join the fun!


  1. Aww your dog makes such a cute noise when drinking haha!! =) Ok I will also add at first I thought you said daughter and was totally confused LOL.
    Ooooh LOVE the journal and SheReadsTruth too....awesome!! =)
    (Totally wasn't planning on sharing this, but I have a free journal from paper coterie deal on my blog if you want one!)

    Cause I also LOVE journaling, I just had to share that with you =)
    So glad you shared!!
    Much Love,

  2. I think coffee is one of the most popular things being mentioned on all these vlogs! I don't drink it but I know that's not normal! :P
    And baby wipes definitely makes sense as one of the most useful things every day when you have a baby!

  3. I love the #SheReadsTruth devotionals as well! The current one is particularly powerful. So nice to "meet" you!

  4. Shereadstruth! Yes!! (And you don't look like a scary monster at all!)Glad you linked up!

  5. Coffee :) Always a good choice! And I have that exact same journal!! Did you get it at Target? I love it! Great video :)

    1. Yes I did! I've seen the journal a lot on instagram for the ladies doing shereadstruth

  6. She Reads Truth has been really great, hasn't it? Especially with coffee! :)

  7. Love your coffee cup! I love coffee but am on strict decaf for right now (I'm nursing). I need some cute mugs though! Where did you get yours? & You're so right about She Reads Truth! I love it! I haven't been very involved this last reading plan and I'm feeling it greatly in my daily walk. I like you're messy bun!

    1. My husband found that coffee cup for me and I believe it was from TJMaxx. Sad to say this is the first time I've really stuck to a devotional and I grew up in church. Thanks I pretty much rock the messy bun daily.

  8. Thank you so much for linking up--you do not look like a monster you crazy lady. i also love that we got to hear your dog in the background :) you did great!!