Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our little trip away

Last week my husband told me I would be receiving 3 surprises.
#1 Iphone
#2 Case for Iphone

I waited.
And then on Saturday Doug let me know we would be taking a trip {because I get a little...ok A LOT stressed way too easily so he had to warn me or I probably would have had a complete meltdown, not something I'm proud about myself, but it is true}
Sunday my sweet friend, Cassie, took me to to the mall to find a dress. And find a dress I did find.
So I started preparing and the dryer went kaput.
So Sunday night was spent at the laundromat.

It didn't take me too long because when I got there it wasn't too busy. But dang those washers are teeny tiny. So $20 later a dent in the laundry was accomplished.
Then Monday morning I tried to get some cleaning done, the packing finished and look like a normal human being going on a date with the love of my life.

Makeup. Hair. Hot dress.
I still had no idea where we were headed. I had an idea of the hotel.
But not dinner.

Almost there.
I actually knew which direction we were headed.
I knew we weren't heading to Columbus and figured out we were heading west.
So we must be going to Indiana.
Indianapolis to be exact.

This is us in the most cozy, romantic spot for dinner.
We were in this little secluded table.

At....The Melting Pot!

We've never been there.
And yummy it was!!!

We had such a wonderful evening. 
And the dessert....oh my word -- that place is a sweet lovers heaven!!

Then the hotel.
Ok it's not called Couple's heaven - but that's exactly what it is!

Seriously this pool was in the room. 
Just for US.
There was also a steam room, amazing tub with jets.

It was an amazing time!
Amazing room.
And much needed getaway for us.
We never celebrate our anniversary.
When your twins birthday is the day after your anniversary, the anniversary kinda gets pushed under the table in order to celebrate them! And we're happy to do so.
So we decided this trip was like celebrating our anniversary. 
Happy 7 1/2 years ;)

And the next morning...
No words needed, we're all adults here.


Once we left, and we left a little over an hour before check out because hotel coffee is just terrible, and I was needing coffee. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and a coffee fill up! 

- - - - - 

And a HUGE thank you goes out to Cassie, Matt, Nini & Sierra for all pitching in to help make this little getaway possible for us

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