Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The passion is growing

When we first started to consider foster care, about a year ago, I found all the answers to say no. I found ways to justify why we shouldn't do it. Why that would not be good for our family, our biological children. And then it just went away....not really, away, just on the back burner. 

And then we started to consider it again, but it was more along the lines of adoption. We know domestic is what we are called to. Again foster care was rising up and again I told my husband reasons why it isn't for us. Reasons against it.

But now that it is the option -- OUR option, OUR choice --- I have never been more passionate. I have a feeling this passion will continue to grow. It's that passion where you start to believe everyone should feel & think like you do. That everyone should be foster parents. We aren't even foster parents yet. 

The more research I do, the more personal stories I read the more God draws my heart in. 

Yes there are thousands of "what-ifs" and the reasons I said no before still linger. They still come at me. They still attack my mind and my heart. But I am starting to feel more confident in being able to say "Satan - you are a liar"

I'm more ready to understand the fragileness {I'm pretty sure I just made up that word...deal with it} of children -- not just in foster care, but in general. 

The fact that we have two small cars still bugs me. I feel the need to have a bigger car - a suv or minivan (did I just say that, yes I did -- oh and we had a minivan before - a gift no 21 year old is all too excited about) But yesterday it hit me - YOU are not perfect, YOU are not going to be perfect but YOU are perfectly loved and those children THEY are perfectly loved.

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  1. You remind me of me. We started our journey to foster care a year ago. We have 2 girls and a boy of our own. I am scared but passionate about this path.