Saturday, October 6, 2012

Understanding My Own Personal Brand

I just finally listened to Alyssa's Coffee Date post from yesterday and she is doing a series all about "Knowing Your Brand" on your blog.

This has always been so up in the air for me. I've had several blogs. This is one I started a few months ago when my heart finally needed to write. I had about a year dry spell thanks to PPD. And I was more than eager to start writing again.

It first started as weight, not just physical but soon changed.

Changed to me feeling the need to be transparent and sharing my heart. The need to be real. 

But my name. I know I don't want it to say as my name. 

So 5 words I would want people to describe my blog:
1. Graceful
2. Transparent
3. Loving
4. Hopeful
5. Pictures

Those would be my 5 words. But maybe you have a different view on my blog? Share!! 

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