Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3 of Thanksgiving

Let's start with a little back ground story.
This story starts last night.
I was getting everything together for today.
I had it all organized and ready for the early morning.
6am rolls around and I wake up and get ready.
I then start getting everyone else dressed and ready. 
Rushing around to leave the house by 7am to drive 45 minutes to Alex's last football game.

We get there.
And something is missing.
A number twenty six football jersey.
Seriously how did I forget it.
I blamed Douglas. And then Alex.
But really I should have realized.

So I started driving back to Trenton, at best I'd make it back by 9:30 when the game starts at 9.
As I'm driving this song comes on.

There are so many times God uses music to teach me, remind me, mold me.
This happened to be one of those.
Reminding this was just a little mess.
I am blessed with a car, money to put in the gas and a gorgeous family that need me.

So today I am thankful for this reminder.
I didn't like I wish I would have.
I came a little unglued.
{{But this imperfect progress -- yes --- because even though I did come unglued, it wasn't as bad as I usually come unglued -- imperfect progress as Lysa would say.

I was about 10 minutes from the house when my husband called saying they found an extra jersey and for me to turn around and get back to the game.
I did. I was thankful. I wasn't frustrated anymore. I didn't let it put me in a bad mood.
I did however think "these other moms must think I am the most scatterbrained woman alive"

Once back at the game I got to enjoy their last game. 
That they won!!!

This was after they received their winners medals.

It was cold. Really cold. 28 degrees.
And the boys were not happy about it.
I am so thankful Alex got to play football this year and I got to watch my husband coach....
BUT I am so thankful the season is finally over!!

Me, Addie and Liv during the game. We were trying very hard to stay bundled up!!

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