Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gods plans

There was a time we attended a different church.
There was a time I prayed God would keep us there.
There was a time I blamed Doug for taking me away from that church.
But in time I fell in love with our current church.
I fell in love with the mission of our church, I fell in love in how they were/are teaching.
And then I fell in love with the people.
I no longer look back at that church, wishing to be there.
That church is a wonderful church.
But I have learned its ok to be called to another church.
And I am learning and will have to continue learning the blessings and beauty in submission to my husband.

Because God lead us to our current church.
To equip us.
To love like Jesus, not just in word but in deed.

A few weeks ago I took a prayer workshop class.
It was just another reassurance that foster care is where He is leading us.
I was prayed over and God revealed himself --- I was told exactly what God needed me to hear.
And then this past month foster care and adoption has been talked about.
And then we find out about the foster care ministry.
A prayer answered I never prayed.
Foster care classes that are required for licensing -- yep those classes are being held at our church. With free child care. So all that stress I was feeling to find enough people willing to watch our 3 biological so we could take these classes has been released.

That box we tend to put God in --- He keeps showing that He is not in that stupid box.

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