Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Sometimes I feel lost on this little space.
What am I even saying?
More lost.
And sometimes embarrassed. 
But someone told me to just "keep writing"
So "keep writing" I will.

Christmas was beautiful. And magical. And perfect.
This year we decided absolutely no traveling on Christmas day. 
We had talked about it in the past and last year we were finally done. 

Christmas Eve we went over to my husband's grandparents.

Their beautiful tree.

Addie Boo Bear and me {Yes I wore my beautiful SheDoesJustice Wintery scarf}

Boo opening her new Elmo. She was so excited to see it, even though we had to force her to sit and open gifts.

Olivia with her huge doodle pad from her Uncle Steffen and Aunt Sierra.

This boy received LOTS of legos for Christmas. Like seriously. SO.MUCH.

And this one of the toddler capturing a cupcake

After a lovely time there with family.
Food. Love. Conversation. Gifts. Bingo. Hugs.

Then we came home.
Opened Christmas jammies gift.

Christmas morning was early. 4:50am early.
But so wonderful.
Doug and and I are so beyond blessed with healthy, happy children. 

Peace. Comfort. Love. Joy.
We experienced it all.

And now it's time for preparations for 2013.
Goal planning.
The light of a brighter future.
More accountability. More laughter. More fullness. More living.
I already blogged mine here

How was your Christmas?
What about goals? Do you like to start the New Year with goals? 


  1. Oh my goodness! Bless you're heart for getting up before 5AM. I have a hard time before 7. Such a beautiful day and so great that you stayed home.

    I too feel lost in "the blog world" but I decided to write like an open vulnerable diary and if all else fails I can see my kids and heart grow over the years. I love reading your' though!

    1. Thanks sweet friend! I couldn't believe we were up so early. But we had a wonderful day!

  2. you have the most gorgeous kids!! Glad you had a great Christmas, Katie! Never stop blogging!