Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In case you were wondering

Why I blog.
There are people who....
Blog powerful words that I could never concoct. 
Make bows, prints and scarves.
People are making huge impacts on providing water for Nigeria, rescuing girls from sex slavery....
Are Holly Homemakers broadcasting their awesomeness.

But me.
I'm none of that.
I blog for me.
I am what people who call overly emotional. 
So many thoughts running through my mind.

For me blogging is a way to process.
You will read my raw emotions because I don't wait.
I don't write after the high of my emotions has subsided.
Writing helps me process and work through whatever is consuming my thoughts & current emotions.

And for the new year.
I plan to continue this.
I will still write to help work through my thoughts.
But I want to be even more real; more transparent.
I want to share my struggles without fear of what you or you or you may or may not say.
And believe me 
We start our foster care process in January. 
Starting the year out with a lot little of the unknown.

This is why I blog.
Why do you blog?


  1. love this.

    i blog for me too. Its my outlet.

  2. Amen sister! I love it. It's hard to not put on "the pretty side" for the blog, but just write raw and transparent.