Thursday, December 13, 2012

In the midst of it all

In the midst of all this

Presents. Get togethers. Making cookies for others. Money. Stress.

Don't forget about this

For some reason this year
This season
I feel overly blessed.
I feel spoiled.
I have been able to see the joy & peace.

Douglas...a man who never gives up on me. A man who loves me, who really loves me. A man who wants to know my thoughts, my heart and my ever changing dreams.

Olivia...a beautiful girl who loves to take care of others. She's such a little momma with a big heart to love. She may be a little diva, but she's our diva. boy. He's my tough one. Maybe because it's no longer rarely cuddle with momma but be dudes with dad. He is so observant and wants to know everything. You can't say anything in front of him without him asking to explain so he can understand.

Addison...our baby, she is adored by all of us. She makes us laugh. She's a little ball of fire and the BEST sleeper any mother could ask for from a toddler. We love seeing her personality growing.

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