Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Those pesky resolutions

As December hits we think about cooking and baking and parties and gifts and lights.
But in the back lies those resolutions or goals we are trying to shove to the back burner until January first.
That's how it usually is for me.
Except this year.
All month I've been thinking about them.
How to make realistic resolutions.
And instead of waiting around till after Christmas day or waiting until the first I'm sharing mine now. 

**To start --- which tends to be one of everyone's resolutions.
Lose weight.
But seriously.
Addie is 18 months old. There is no reason for this.
So the goal is to lose at least 50 pounds in 2013. 
I've done it before I CAN do it again!
Thankfully I will never be pregnant again.

**Blog - I'm not sure where I want my blog to be going except for I want to be more real, more raw, more honest, and make more of HIM. There will be a lot of talk about God, grace, family, love, foster care, possible adoption talk, forgiveness.

**Mommy world - Less social media when the kids are home. More cuddles. I would love to say to stop using it all together, but if you know me it's just not going to happen {remember being realistic}

**Wifey Land- Less frumpy. Oh gosh I am that mom. That mom that EVERY.DAY. is in sweats and some ugly shirt with my hair in a messy bun. For that I started following These beautiful ladies to help!!

**Facebook/IG/Twitter - No negativity. Yes we all have bad days. And this is what I'm talking about:

Not acceptable: I cannot stand how she talks to me
Acceptable: I am having a rough day in mommyworld 

** Spiritually - I want to study Revelations. Not because I am freaking out about the world ending but I have never studied it because of fear. I have had it heavy on my heart to actually study Revelations and to be knowledgeable about it. So if anyone knows of any books that would help let me know!

Do you make New Years resolutions? Goals?
What are you planning for 2013?


  1. i need to sit down and think/blog on mine! So see a post coming soon ;)

  2. I felt the same as you about Revelations .. I just started reading it. I now understand a lot more of the prophecies. The unknown is a little "scary"... and I cant help my wondering mind, but I think that's normal... but by reading it has answered a lot of my questions and I just pray for peace of mind on things like that, that are under his control!

  3. Great goals! I know you can achieve them all!