Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yes.No.I told you so.

After getting the kids on the bus.
I had some cuddle time with Addison while she watched The Tigger movie.
During so I browsed Twitter {I know surprise, surprise}

First THIS
and then THIS

I know there are days where I say yes when maybe I shouldn't.
It's something my husband brought up to me a few months ago and I try [mostly] to be more aware of it.


And then I go into Olivia & Addison's room and I turn up their radio.
The lady on the radio is talking about not adding too much on your plate and relaxing this holiday season.

And it's not that I think I'm doing too much.
Our calendar is not overflowing with Christmas parties.

But my mind.
My mind is constantly going.
Thinking about the what ifs.
And they whys.

Praying for peace of my mind.
A quiet heart.
So I can hear His guidance.
So I can hear how to go about some things.
What to say and what not to say.

And most importantly how to pray.

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  1. Yes! I think sometimes even when our calendars aren't busting with activities, it's hard to be OK with the simple holidays and not try to create the fairytale holiday busting with glitter and frosting.