Thursday, January 31, 2013

Overcome The Lie {post 2}

I have a lie I've worked on the past year.
This lie doesn't have to be the doubt of the type of wife or mom I am.
About whether or not I'm "good enough"

This lie was seeded deep down.

You are better than her. or him. or them.
I grew up in the church.
I didn't party.
I didn't get drunk on weekends or sleep around.
I got married and then had kids.

Guess what that lie turns into
And I was queen of it.
I could gossip about anyone and their terrible life.
Their terrible mistakes all the while my heart was as cold as stone.
I put sins on some human formed scale instead of God's.

This past year I've really worked on the growing more.
That included focusing on my heart and stop obsessing about the sins other people were doing.
I got so wrapped up in how they were sinning and judged others so harshly that I completely lost sight of love.
I didn't even understand the word grace.
Or mercy.
Forgiveness, true forgiveness where you don't hold a grudge was pretty much foreign to me.

So I am overcoming that lie.
Learning to love.
To show grace.
To speak in love and understanding.

Because really we have NO idea how we would handle this or that situation unless we have walked their journey. 


  1. Thank you for your honesty! I struggle greatly with this!

  2. "I didn't even understand the word grace" I've totally been there. I've realized that sometimes the "I"m not good enough" lie and the "At least I didn't sin like that lie" have run hand and hand in my life. I believe the first and then instead of running to grace, to God's word, to the truth; I come up with the second lie. Its so important to put God's word in front of us daily to help us #overcomethelie! Thanks for your transparency and sharing this! ~liz