Thursday, January 24, 2013

Overflow of the Heart

......For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks....

This is something I feel is vital for my space; my blog. I only want to write out of the overflow of my heart. I also want to point to HIM.
And that is why I haven't had anything to write.
Because that overflow of my heart has been hurt.
I don't want to write in anger. 
I don't want to write in frustration, except in my personal journal.

But now I write.
And guess what it's not an overflow.
It's a just beneath the surface.
It's just a beginning.
That beginning is almost odd to me.
This growing would be praying for biological parents.
Those parents that have their children taken out of their home.
Sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, drug abuse.
I am praying for those parents.
As we dig deeper into the foster care process {and by deeper we just finished our second pre-service class for our license} I am gaining this compassion, this softness for biological parents.
We all hurt at times.
Some deeper than others.
God's healing can be real and present for everyone not just those who are "in the church"
Who already have accepted Him as their savior.
This growing of compassion has me a bit weirded out yet very compelled. 

What if we prayed for all like this.
Not just our close family; or the family we like.
Not just our best friends
 or favorite bloggers.
Would if we all prayed for those who hate us, the family who constantly puts us down, those who talk lies behind our backs, our ex-friends who are dealing with hurts so bad we can't understand, for the stranger who gave us a dirty look, that guy who cut you off on the highway.

What if...

That requests, prayers and intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone
1 Timothy 2:1

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  1. I love this!! I think that growing in our walk with God He gently reminds us that we are ALL His babies, He loves us ALL and His heart breaks for those who are hurting. I am with you sister, it's hard, but compassion for ALL is what we are called to.