Monday, January 7, 2013

That Love Like Jesus Thing

Like so many people, I have recently gone to see Les Mis.
And like most women cried.
But there was on part.
This one little part.
This part that screamed THIS. This is how I want you to love others.
This is what I mean.
That little part where the priest said Jean did not steal from him and gave him more.
That part.
That broke me.
And breaks me again as I'm writing this.
That's the love Jesus talks about.
That this stuff we have doesn't matter -- but helping others, giving out of what He has given us -- that's what matters. That's HIS type of love.
Because if I were in that situation, I'll be honest, I'd be livid.
Livid, I tell ya.
I would cry and push hate and bitterness upon that person
Not forgiveness.
Not love like Jesus.
I would be full of anger.
But that part was like a huge heart grinder. 
A change of perspective.
That definition of Jesus' love I've been searching for.
It was refined.
I am being changed day by day.
His love is the most powerful force.
I want to exude that into others' lives.
I want to love like Jesus.
I want to love even when people steal, are mean, are not loving.
I want to love when everyone else would walk away.
I want to love "unlovable" people 


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