Thursday, February 21, 2013

Overcome The Lie

When I first saw in an email that Ashley wanted different blogs to talk about lies they've overcome or lies they are working on I immediately emailed her back saying I'd love to. I was pretty pumped that night, I so should have wrote then. But I waited. And then I started feeling overwhelmed. And the lies started.

You are not a writer.
You talk all jumbled.
Do you really think anyone cares what you have to share.
You are not good enough.

And this is the lie I am going to share about.
This is huge for me.
This is probably the most paralyzing lie I feel.

This lie causes me to put up my guard with my husband, children, friends, family.
This lie reminds me that I never have it all together.
This lie hurts.

When my kids aren't listening and I'm feeling like I'm talking to the walls -- "you're just not a good enough mom"
When I use my tongue to tear my husband down -- "you're just not a good enough wife"
When I instead use anger towards a family member instead of fully explaining my pain -- "you are not a good enough sister/daughter/granddaughter/sister in law/cousin"
When I want to reach out boldly about Christ -- "you are terrible talking with others, remember, you are an introvert, leave the boldness to the extroverts"

If you know me at all --- you know I have not overcome this lie.
But I'm working on falling into His grace.
To remember I don't have to be "good enough" because 
HE is more than enough for me.
I will fail. Always.
There's no way around that.
But His grace & mercy & love & discipline 
is more than I could ever expect.

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  1. Amen girl!!! I wish you could be part of the class I'm taking at my church right now. I just keep telling my husband it's a life changer!!!

    Here are the sermons: {my church}
    {this is the sermon series on the Holy Spirit...amazing!!! It's from 7/2007, so you'll have to scroll through to find them. I highly encourage you do do the notes/study that goes along with them}

  2. This blog too! It's by Francis Chan's wife. She has amazing DVDs, two are out and more to come. But seriously, don't miss her blog ;)