Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Coffee Date

Sorry my phone is full of beautiful photos of littles and ran out of space so my video cut off at the end...but you get the picture!

Water, Water, Water!!!

If we were having coffee what beauty products would you tell me about?

{I'm heading to Home Depot with miss Addie Boo -- we're buying PINK paint!}

I'm linking up with Alyssa


  1. Katie! I love this!! You had me laughing out loud a few times. You're the best. I did the link up for the first time today too, but I totally didn't do the prompt so mad props to you!

    1. I will be watching yours shortly, finally able to watch a few for about 15 mintues

  2. I got a shout out! Thanks. I didn't do a video because I'm not a "make-up" or getting done up much king of girl either, but you reminded me that I guess I do have five things I like. Have a great weekend!