Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Review

This weekend was FULL. In a totally and completely good way. My house is a complete wreck and I am ok with that. I am not stressed because I was busy and spent some amazing time with amazing people

Friday night & Saturday I went to my church for a women's conference, more about that at the bottom.

Saturday afternoon was filled with painting & baking. The laundry room was getting a makeover. That room, ok it's more like a closet, but it's mine and I get to do with it whatever I want. If you don't know me that means PINK!! 
My mother in law was doing the trimming because I can't walk, write or paint a straight line to save my life.

I'm in LOVE!
Like seriously.
And this picture does not do it justice. I love just opening the door and seeing it -- it makes me so happy. I can't wait to start decorating this little space.

I baked 4 dozen cookies.
I've been wanting to bake for a few months.
But I can't, because Douglas & I are trying to eat healthier.
And let me tell you I can put some cookies away, so it's best just not to.
But a few Sundays ago they announced about making cookies for the prison ministry. I so admire people who volunteer their time to love on people in prison --- to do small things with great love.
To share Jesus with those that too many christians see as unlovable. 
There was no doubt I was going to be baking cookies for them.

Then today.
Today was another beautiful day.
No seriously, perfect.
It was 68, sunny, with a light breeze.
Today, Ohio, I loved you so much.

Douglas decided after church & after grocery shopping it would be a perfect day to clean the garage. And clean the garage we did. We hung up the bikes, tennis rackets & other garage essentials. 

- - - - - - - -

You can finish at that or you can also read about the conference I attended.

I went to 

with Beth Guckenberger.
She is originally from Cincinnati, now living in Mexico.
I had completely forgotten that I heard her speak months ago at our church. This women knows so much about the history of the bible. Not just the bible, but the significance of the culture and how things tie into the New Testament and especially how they tie into today. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to listen to her -- DO IT!! 

Oh and she's a wife and momma of 9 -- 3 biological, 4 foster and 2 adopted.

I'm just going to post some things from this weekend that spoke to me.

...Joshua 1:8 -- that's like her verse she focuses on. I now want it hanging somewhere in my home...

...Don't just be sorry for your sins, look for the root of the sin...
That really spoke to me because lately I've really been thinking about the heaviness of sin. How easy it is to just ask for forgiveness and ignore the deepness of the wrong I have done to other people and more importantly God.

...She talked a lot about getting rid of the root. That when we sin, we need to find the root of it and get rid of it. When we are dealing with a lie in our lives, we need to figure out the root of that lie, extract it and fill it with His TRUTHS...

...Sometimes God isn't asking of us what we think He is...

...No friend, husband or children will be enough -- only Jesus is enough to fill the loneliness...
This was probably the thing that hit me hardest.
You know when people talk about finding the cause of your weight gain; struggle with obesity.
That's what it is.
I've known for so long there was something and this weekend I finally listened to God.

...That if we are doing what God has called us to it does not matter what other people have to say...

...Just because I am a christian doesn't mean I get a ticket of the worthless parts of life but He does work all things for those who love Him...

...we ALL have seasons of brokenness ---> Makes us able to give the grace of the gospel people need to hear...

...You were created for MORE than you allow in your life...

...When you do what God has called you to you will deal with opposition, but there is nothing stronger than Jesus...
Oh yes, about that opposition.... 

...'When your enemy is hungry feed him...heaping coals poured on his head'...
Ok, this I didn't not know. That whole heaping coals isn't to prove I'm the bigger person but about pouring God's presence upon that person. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's pride got in the way and didn't actually understand that verse? 

...Jesus always turns the ways of the world upside down...
Oh gosh, yes so true

...Jesus knows it all and still wants me...
Ok, how can you not hear that and feel overwhelmed with His love. I mean seriously. He is the only person that can know all my terrible thoughts, my hurts, pains and still want to know me so intimately. I mean, seriously!!!

And to leave ya with some selfies, that scarf, it's new. It's lovely. And yellow. I love it. 

How was your weekend?


  1. You look lovely! It sounds like an amazing weekend!! Michigan was almost 55, but you definitely beat us. Hurry up spring. Your conference sounded wonderful. Thanks for the many great reminders. One of the ones I love is He knows the ugly and still wants ME!

  2. Goodness it's been way too long since I've been to a women's conference. I love the way the truth really soaks in when you have a weekend away.