Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More than my love for chocolate

Every once in awhile I'll update about the weight loss.
It's slow.
Much slower than I'd like.
But it's my journey (you know for the millionth time)
But this time I know why I'm fat.
Not just you know my love for cookies and cheesecake and ice cream.....


That was that thing.
I always knew there was a reason more than my love for food.
There has to be more to it.

Now that I know, I can attack this journey with another view.

Right now I have lost 16 pounds.

I still have 61 pounds to get to my goal weight.
A lot.

 Oh I am doing that squat challenge
Other workouts I'm currently loving:
Zumba, Spin, Hip Hop Abs: legs, buns and thighs & Turbo Fire 45ez.

What workouts are you currently loving?

1 comment:

  1. I'm so impressed by your journey! My weight struggle is always rooted in loneliness.