Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Non Marriage Expert

About a month or two ago I had a melt down that resulted in me crying to my husband about how I suck at this Christian women thing and that I should give up.

And then last week I yelled at a family member that resulted in huge guilt and me feeling like I will never change. I will always be a huge work in progress never making progress.

Over the past 2 months or so I have thought I don't think people, my friends, in the blogging world would still love me if they saw the real me. If they knew how often I screw up.

But this.....

But He said to me, "My  grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness"

I feel like every time I grasp that verse it flips my life, the way I view everything, upside down.

And so here I am.
Feeling this pull on my heart to not shy away from my struggles. To not just share about the pains in my past, my current pains & the victories HE sees me through.

So here's my real life Katie version on marriage.

Like I said I'm no expert. And this is just a few things.

I would say being a wife is where I struggle most.  But since actually giving God these hard parts He is working.

I would love to hear your yes do and no don't do this tips.


  1. Alright first of all what you said about running to your husband wanting to give up on the whole Christian woman thing? I have done that more times than I'd care to admit in the last month.

    Minus the husband part, haha. I either cry to myself or end up texting my mentor ridiculously long text messages, lol.

    I love this honest advice, though! Can't wait to chime in with some of my own one day :)

    1. It's tough some days and so easy to get caught up in this picture of who we are supposed to be.

  2. Oh my goodness! I love totally loved this. I struggle with shutting down. I'm so not a fighter, I flight. I close people off from my emotions and feelings and just run. My top tips: be honest, have fun, and be spontaneous.

    1. I struggle with the spontaneous thing. So bad.