Thursday, June 6, 2013

Life Lessons Link up + Refresh Ebook shout out

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Every once in awhile the struggle starts.
This cloud overhead.
The weight.

This usually tends to happen when I'm turning less inward and less to HIM.
I struggled with depression on and off throughout middle & high school.
It continued into my early years of marriage 
     {by the way whoa! I can say that because we've been married for almost 8 years}
It's always been as on and off thing.
Then after I had my youngest I got PPD/PPA and it was difficult. It wasn't a come & go thing. 
It was a scary thing.
But I talked.
And talking and talking and talking does help.

I got to a point where I was in my bathroom ready to take that whole bottle of oxy to end it all.
And I heard my baby screaming, she was hungry. And I heard my twins running around giggling.
In that moment God grabbed me tight and said no your babies need you.

I'm no expert in dealing with depression.
I've never even taken medication for it.
I always just tried to deal with it myself which always resulted in a various of destructive behaviors or ripped relationships.

Here's what I do know in my regards to what I dealt with.
Depression is a real thing.
It hurts.
It's a deep hurt.
It doesn't just hurt you, it hurts those around you.

But you have to talk.

And this is what works for me.
Praying + Change.
Because seriously God knows our hearts inside & out. More than anyone else will ever know.

I like to freshen things up.
It can be very simple.
Re-do my daily planner.
I live by my planner. I love having things written down; a schedule for myself.
I get into my planner and see where I can make changes that will give me the lift I need.
I change up my workout routine.
Working out is IMPORTANT if you struggle with depression.

Whatever you do, don't believe creativity is not for you. It absolutely is -Refresh Ebook

Find something that for YOU.
Painting, photography, coloring.
You don't have to be amazing, just something that makes your heart smile, just for you.

For more helpful ways to Refresh you life 
Check out Jessi and Hayley's Ebook


  1. Katie,

    Thank you for being so honest and raw with this post. Depression is tough and it's hard to admit to because of how society type casts its sufferers. You my friend are a strong beautiful woman of God, whom He is using to bring light to the world through these words, your love and everything else you do. Keep on shining, praying, loving, and just being you!

  2. I love your honesty and courage! So glad I found this post through the link-up. Life is SO hard, but you are loved by God always, just remember that. Keep praying and moving forward, lovely!

  3. you're right, it's so difficult. i'm so glad the Lord called you loud to live for your babies, but also for Him. your life is a beautiful testimony of Him being faithful to those that hurt!

  4. Katie, this is such a beautiful post. I love that you were bold to write this. I love your heart and love following your journey!