Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rise, Shine & Give Me Jesus

Running is a wonderful way to be reminded of all the blessings.
Your legs, heart & lungs to keep you going.
A friend that sticks closer that a brother by your side.
The sunrise, I mean, seriously what a beautiful promise.

I have no idea the things that will drag me down in this life.
The things that I feel like I will not be able to face.
Heartbreak, loss, hurts.

But through it all
Nothing in this world will matter like Jesus.
In the beginning of a storm,
in the middle,
at the end
During the most heavenly times on earth

He is present.
He is never changing.

"If we are faithless,
He remains faithful
for He cannot disown Himself"
2 Timothy 2:13


  1. this is BEAUTIFUL girl.
    i'm not a runner, but i am a walker :) and have watched countless number of sunrises over the ocean...and it is beautiful!

    1. I'm not a runner in most definitions, more as I do run, so I'm a runner type. But I do love it and the clarity it gives me