Monday, August 26, 2013

25 Things

25 Things you may or may not know about me

1. I was born in Mountain Home, Idaho. My dad was in the airforce.

2. I was born almost a month late, my mom had pre-e and apparently back then on the air force base they wouldn't induce. My heart stopped beating and I was suppose to be dead when they pulled me out.

3. On my 21st birthday I was breastfeeding 3 week old twins while my husband and his best friend drank for me...real nice guys.

4. I hope and yes actually pray we live in the Carolinas one day. My heart yearns to be there. 

5. I have 14,000 in student loans and will never use the knowledge I learned. Ok, I lie, actually some of has been very helpful in mothering.

6. I can't stand the taste of coconut. And mostly can't stand the smell except for in the summer. Because summer sun + coconut lotion make a wonderful smell, but not on me, someone else must wear it. 

7. I am very serious when I say SHUT THE CABINET DOORS. Like so serious. It drives me crazy. Guess what folks it will shut as easily as it opens. I might be a little ocd about it. Maybe. Just a little.

8. I flipping love my camera. Seriously, you should see how many albums I have on facebook and that doesn't come close to how many we have on our server. 

9. I have no desire to become a photographer, I thought I should, but I hated the whole being business type. Just let me take your pictures for free because 1) I seriously just love it that much 2) I'm not trained, so my pictures are very amateur-ish.

10. I always wanted to get married and be a stay at home mom but definitely struggle with who I am in this life

11. I love to dance

12. I really really really have baby fever. But it's an odd fever. Like I want everyone I know to have babies. And I'd love to have a baby, just not one I've made, carried or birthed.

13.I'm so over the chevron pattern and I just don't get the hype with Pyrex. Yes, I have some but they are baking pans. That's it. Not decorating with vintage Pyrex

14. From the time I found out I was pregnant I knew she was a girl and thought it was pointless for Doug and I to even think about boy names.

15. Her middle name is after a car my husband wants one day. Which is Elise, take a guess.

16. Yes, I have twins and yes I get frustrated and sometimes judge you when you ask me stupid questions like if they are identical. 

17. I grew up in the church and have always struggled with living for Jesus and living for my flesh. I didn't party in high school or college, actually had my first getting drunk/high experience after I was married and had Alex & Olivia. When they were around 3 I very much struggled and at one point decided God didn't even exist. Thankfully He has never given up on me.

18. I love planners & calendars. I'm sorry that's no secret. If you know me even a little, you probably know that. Douglas gets me a calendar every year for Christmas.

{Seriously 25?! Oh my I'm running out of thoughts}

19. Doug and I don't really ever celebrate our anniversary. Alex and Livi's birthday is the day after our anniversary, so our focus & money is spent on them. One day when they are older we'll take some grand anniversary trip.

20. I have a thing for coffee mugs

21. I am much more a girl mom than a boy mom. I love all the girly things, I love my Alex to death, but I'm just more of a girl mom.

22. I have two tattoos and I'm so ready for more. I definitely want grace on my arm and eventually need to get a new heart for Addie.

23. I am very awkward. When I see people I know I pretend to not see them because I feel so weird.

24. If I go back to school one day, I'll go to nursing school.

25. I want to take a month long trip by myself to Greece. Just me + my camera. 


  1. So fun! Thanks for linking up, friend!

  2. I am the same way with coconut! I hate the way it tastes but I don't mind smelling it in summer!