Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dear 8 year old self.

Dear 8 year old self, I can't find a picture of you but if I could you would be wearing bright colored shorts with probably that favorite bright blue shirt, hair all a mess with shoes close to falling apart. Words unspoken.

Know little Katie the things he is doing.
And the thing that man is saying and the way he hurts your mom and brother.
.....Know God has not left you.
He has big plans for you.
God did not intend for you to be touched before you should have been. Or to be told lies that would haunt you for a decade... or two, possibly three or four.

You are going to marry a man when you two are still kids but he is going to grow and you are going to grow.
You will have beautiful children that make your heart turn inside out.
You are going to have people in your life that  want more than the "I'm fine."
You are going to be challenged.
You are going to cry a lot.
You are going to smile and praise and dance.

This is a small season in your life. A very difficult season that children should not have to face. But you are. And you are slowly growing braver. You will spill the beans. You will fight for you and it won't stop then. You're going to have to fight for you a few more times, but you will have Jesus walking you through each and every time.

He has never and will never let go.

You are brave.
You are beautiful.
You are chosen.

Hold fast sweet girl.

Your 28 year old self


  1. my heart hurts a little as my eyes well up with tears. i written myself similar letters in regards to my family of origin... SO HEALING. God is winning, Katie... God is winning!!!! thanks for sharing this, sweet heart :-)

  2. This brings tears to my eyes reading. Such powerful words to write in seeing what God is doing out of a tough broken situation. So proud of you for sharing.