Friday, September 20, 2013

father to Father

I've heard people talk in the past to look at your relationship you have with your father and how it translates to the relationship you have with your Father. I always blew it off. That has nothing to do with me. I grew up apart from my dad the majority of my life. Actually it was more rare to see my dad. When I was 3 my parents split up. My mom packed us (her + my brother + me) and we headed back east to Ohio. With my dad in Idaho and us in Ohio, there was no contact. Actually I didn't see my dad again for two years. After that I was lucky if it was every 6 months.

There was a time I wouldn't talk to him on the phone for about a year and when he came to visit I wouldn't see him. I was so hurt and damaged. He was gone in some major parts of my life when he was suppose to rescue me from people hurting me. I held him captive in a place of unforgiveness for a very long time.

Don't worry friends we now have a relationship & I have forgiven him (a lot of that has to do with my husband's encouragement to get to know him) & I just never knew how much my dad loves me


How does this mess translate to God?
As I said I never compared our relationships until this book I'm reading and she compares her relationship with her parents to God. 
        Crazy thing is, earlier in the day before reading that part in the book, God started working on this                   thinking and was preparing for me to really think upon this.
So after reading the chapter that the comparing father to Father was in, I really started thinking how my relationship with my earthly father does in fact translate to my relationship with my heavenly Father.

What a wonderful thing for me to see this, because now I can better focus on His truths and grow deeper with Him!!!

Have you thought about this comparison before? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. This is a lovely post! It's so wonderful to see how God has brought you and your father together in a real relationship. I've actually never thought about how this translates before! I've actually thought about the opposite! Since I began a relationship with God, my relationship with my father (and mom too!) has improved because of the way He has changed my heart :)

    So glad I found your blog, girl!