Saturday, September 7, 2013

The junk in my heart garage

Every Saturday we drive pass this house. And every Saturday for the past month or two these people are cleaning out their garage. There's a lot of stuff in that little space.
And today God spoke to me though that messy garage. That is my heart. So messy. I try and rearrange the mess. I try to clean it up to make it more acceptable to others. To God. I make new plans. I tear myself down for all that I am that is wrong and try by my own measly attempts to put myself back together.
All I want to tell those people is get rid of the junk.
Yes, He whispers.
That is exactly why I still weigh what I weigh. That is exactly why day after day after day I feel insecure, and worthless, shameful, ugly.....
I still carry all the junk.

But what junk. What is the junk that I'm carrying around. The junk I need to throw away. The junk that no matter how hard I try to arrange it in my heart I'll come back with it all a mess again.

This weekend I'm praying for knowledge & conviction on the junk.
Would you pray with me?

1 comment:

  1. what a beautiful message. i love how He speaks to us even in every day situations.