Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3 in 1

Yes I'm behind. Sunday was a filled day and I just didn't have time. Monday I just didn't feel like it. Instead of being days behind {because that would just drive me crazy} I'm going to do a triple post. What shall I talk about in this post, well the three littles that made me momma of course.

I have been very blessed. I have been pregnant with three & birthed three, two came out on the same day just minutes apart.

Olivia came into this world first. While I was pregnant she was the mover, Alex pretty much stayed in the same area, high, almost crushing my will to breath. But her, all over the place. When she was born, she came into the world so her. She cried when she was good and ready to cry and that is just how this girl is. She will not do anything until she is good and ready to do it but when she does watch out. She is sensitive, a bit of a drama queen, she loves God deeply, she is very girly but she is happiest outdoors with paper and whatever she can get her hands on to write with. She kinda terrifies me some days. She is beautiful inside & out. 

Unlike Olivia, Alex came out screaming at the top of his lungs. Like I said Alex stayed snuggled at the top and was born with a neck problem that thankfully was taken care of with physical therapy when he was a few months old. He has been the one to really test me. He knows it all, just ask him. He has a sweet heart. He truly inspires me in the way he never treats other children differently even if with human eyes they are. He has a huge imagination and can get lost in his. What terrifies me about him? He asks BIG questions, you know the ones that make you say I just don't know or is so hard to explain, that is this boy. He isn't always super affectionate, but when he says something that melts your heart, he truly means it.

Addie came into this world at 3am. She is our wild child. She is proof that even if you have twins that a singleton can keep you on your toes. She loves to laugh and make other people laugh. If she can get you to laugh she will laugh even harder. She has such a sweet personality and is just so precious. We are still discovering more about her personality. We weren't sure after the twins if we'd have more but I am so thankful we decided to have her. She loves her bubba & sissy so much and kinda has them wrapper around her finger. What scares me about her --- the phone calls from teachers, family members & neighbors regarding her causing trouble. 

(Image via Take Heart)