Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 1 {31 Days of Motherhood}

Joining The Nester for 31 days of blogging. 

Originally I wasn't going to, but kept thinking on it. The only subject I could image that I could possibly talk about for 31 days? 


I may not make it all 31 days but I will definitely try.

To start off you should know my motherhood resume, I have 7 year old twins, Olivia + Alex and a two year old, Addison. And occasionally children who need a home away from home. 

For 31 days I will try and offer encouragement, share in our craziness and remind myself of this amazing life I live. 

Will you be joining in 31 days of blogging?

If you are not a mother what is something you'd love to know about motherhood? If you are a mother, is there a specific area you'd love encouragement?

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