Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5 {31 Days of Motherhood}

When I got pregnant with twins I was 19 and a newlywed and all we kept hearing is how miserable life is with twins from other twin parents, but I just couldn't accept that. I knew we had something special. Even though I was being fed so much negativity, I just couldn't believe the miracles inside of me were.

After being on bedrest for 7 weeks (4 of them strict bedrest) my water broke at 36 weeks at 7am on July 23rd.
And they rocked my world in the most beautiful way.

I know you have heard the saying double trouble. I hate that saying. Yes they are double work, but not double trouble.
You will lose sleep, you & others will question your sanity, 
but you will be blessed beyond anything you've ever experienced.

If you are expecting twins and are sick of hearing the horror stories, know you are about to embark on amazing journey.
If you have recently had twins know you can do this. God did not bless you without the capability to mother them.
If you are going through the sleepless toddler years, you will survive. 

It is not always easy.
There will be hard hard hard days.
But on the good days, it's double good. 
And the relationship between twins has got to be something made of pixie dust and coffee.
It's just magical.

If you need encouragement as a twin mommy or mommy to be, I'd love to fill your heart with God's truth and a little mommy wisdom. 

"Lord take our intentions and make us women who are dead set on living & loving as you'd have us to"

If God brings you to a place to mother twins, He won't leave you to do it alone.

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