Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Learn From Experience {Influence Conference Part 2}

There were a few things that last years bloggers warned the newbies about that I read, thought yes that makes sense and completely ignored their wisdom. The truth is that is so me. People will so lovingly warn/advise me of things, but I have to find out for myself.

1. Wear comfy shoes.
As I'm lost walking to the hotel from the cheaper parking garage in my not broken in yet boots I'm thinking "comfy shoes, they said wear comfy shoes"

No seriously. I'm a stay at home mom. I don't wear shoes unless I am driving somewhere, even just going outside for a bit I am usually barefoot. Next year don't be surprised if you see me in ballet-type slipper shoes. No joke. Don't try and pull off shoes you're not used to wearing.

2. Take time
On Friday I woke at 6am to curl my hair, which turned out gorgeous, if you must know.

And I headed down stairs for the in real life She Reads Truth bible study. Guys. IN REAL LIFE. It was so surreal. Then it was go go go all day. I didn't get back to my room until after 11pm. After lunch there was this whisper, "take a break, you need it." My thought, "must ignore, can't miss anything." I'm like a toddler.

Saturday I was so done. 
If you are not used to being around all the people, listening to all the things & crying all the tears YOU NEED A BREAK at Influence Conference. 

Note taken. Next year I will give myself a break.

3. Stop worrying about the clothes
It's totally normal. Not to want to look like how you do staying at home, all frumpy, hair a mess.
But in reality, these women are not there to judge. The Influence Core team just wants to love you, they really do. And the other women going, guess what...we are all messy. All a mess and all looking for words from the Lord. No one cares if you don't look like perfect little fashion blogger, or christian hipster blogger, or got it all together and have the shoes to match momma. No one is judging you except yourself. Wear whatever you want. I chose not to wear yoga pants and I'm thankful, I needed some normal clothing days, but if you want to wear the yoga pants, go for it girl! 


  1. I REALLY REALLY hope I can go next year! I can tell it was just amazing!

    1. It really was amazing, I hope you can go next year, I'd love to meet you!

  2. "christian hipster blogger," hehehe
    I loved meeting you!