Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hey four eyes

I remember it very clearly. Another pair of glasses I "had" to get it, another pair I never intended to wear.
My mom was at work, my psycho step dad was who knows where. So I did it. I placed those brand new glassed under the cushion of the couch, stood up on the couch and jumped happily. And went to my room. My mom declared no more. That was the last time I had glasses. 

Until today that is.

And the story. With all the changes happening to healthcare, don't worry I'm not going to get all political and talk about how messed up it all is, probably most of you already have your own frustrations with it, anyway.... we will no longer have vision coverage so it was suggested we all go get our eyes checked while we have coverage. 

Alex & I are both nearsighted and needed glasses. Olivia was fine and Doug's sight is 20/15, which if you don't know is really good. My lil guy was terribly bummed and to be honest I was/am too. 

This whole adjusting to glasses thing is no fun. Everything is so clear, I know who complains about that? Me, that's who. So clear. And so close. For some odd reason I feel shorter. 

But it's November so intentional thanksgiving:
1. We have coverage because our eye checks + glasses would have cost us around $1,000
2. That we put money every month into our HSA 
3. That our glasses are not ugly

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