Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jumping on the bandwagon

I see everyone in blog land is drawing inspiration from Lara Casey and blogging about November goals. Like normal social media fashion, it spreads & sticks like glitter. So I figured I love glitter & goals so I might as well jump on the wagon and take it for a ride.

November goals:

1. I have been making a thanksgiving turkey every year since 2008. The first year was scary. Thankfully my brothers and sister in law were so gracious and just ate the food I made. Over time I've come into my own with hosting Thanksgiving. This year my goal is no stress. My turkey cooking has improved greatly, thanks to discovering the art of brining the turkey. OHEMGEE. Yes, I just went there. But I also want to just not stress about the other stuff. I have children, so to expect an immaculate house is just nothing short of stupid. To expect everyone who walks in my house to come with a presence of thanksgiving is quite prideful and selfish of me. And to pretend I'm someone I'm not robs myself and my family. 

2. New blog header. Since I've been expermenting more and more with my blog I love creating new, but try not to change too much. But I do want something with a little more of a holiday feel, don't worry I won't go all ugly sweater-ish on the blog, but something different. More joyful.
      {Speaking of the word joy for some reason lately seems to be a major recurrence and I'm not sure why        just yet}

3. Have Addison 100% potty trained by the end of the month. Last week she just got it. The struggles we are having is she does not want to poop on the potty {hey, I'm a mom, we moms talk about poop. It is what it is.} and she won't go anywhere but on a little potty, so if we are out and she needs to go she won't go on a normal adult sized potty. She will hold it and if she can't she will just pee all over the floor. Like in the middle of your meal at Chipotle. Yep, that was "fun". 

Yes, just three goals. It's one month & I'm no super woman. Did you set goals for November?

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