Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

I am linking up again this week with my girl Amy for Thankful Thursdays. Will YOU join us this week?! 

I'm thankful for my camera and the opportunity to take pictures. I'm thankful for this humble love.
I'm also quite thankful for the gorgeous people in this picture

I'm thankful for my husband. I have been struggling lately. He knows and he doesn't tell me to toughen up or ignore it. He forces me to talk.

Not recent, this is from like a year ago...but it's us 

Snapchating with my sister in law. 

Also -- I need more snapchat friends (unfadinggrace)

These crazy littles in the morning. Since driving them to school in the morning, we have more time which equals less stress. I'd love to say that means I never lose my cool, but come on now, let's be real.


I have seen this ecard floating around the internet lately and you know what, it doesn't upset me. I am thankful people are taking the time to notice the blessings. In this life it can be just so easy to take the little things for granted and this month gives us such an opportunity to notice those little things.


  1. I think the cards funny, and can definitely make us pause to remember to be thankful always! But yes, I too am glad there is a time set aside to remember all of the things we are so thankful for. Otherwise we might forget!

  2. You have snapchat?? Finding you right this minute!

    And your husband sounds amazing. Your marriage really inspires me! Love you, girl!