Monday, November 4, 2013

Why I quit 31 days

I'm back. I took a break. I quit the 31 days of blogging at 29 days. Yes. At 29 days. I just couldn't do it anymore. And the reasoning is I hated writing about motherhood. Maybe it's because I still feel even after 7+ years I really don't know what I'm doing most of the time. Or maybe it's mostly because in this space, that is not my passion for writing. I love my babies to the moon and back, but I don't want my focus of writing to be about them. 

This space isn't about them.
This space is about me. And not just me me me, 
but how God is working in this yucky heart. That's where my passion lies with my writing. That's where my most real writing comes from.

I just couldn't do the crap writing anymore. Because going back, I'm sorry friends, that's all I was giving. And I definitely don't want this space to be full of crap writing. I will never be a good, or even decent writer, but I do want to write from my heart. 

As November has started I have been so filled. I just love November. I love intentionally being thankful, yes, we should be thankful all year, but November is so sweet in how it forces us to be thankful.


  1. Love you, and thankful for your yucky heart. It goes pretty darn well with my yucky heart. And thankful that we have a Jesus who is big enough to turn both of our yuck into beauty. <3

  2. Love this friend!!! Same reason why I stopped 31 days..I think mostly because I realized it was becoming more of a hassle to me than I passion.. Everyday blogging just isn't for me until Jesus gives me blogging inspiration everyday that is ;)