Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A little 2013 review

2013 was a big year for us, it was the year we took a huge leap of faith, against what my flesh cried out, we started classes in January 2013 to become a licensed foster family. It took around 6 months to become licensed and we jumped right in, receiving a placement the day we were technically licensed, before even receiving the official letter. As {some of you} know that placement did not stay, you can read more about our journey so far by clicking the foster care tab above.

In 2013 I decided to make the change to stop shutting people out, I can not say I have completely overcome that struggle, but it was a tired load to carry.

In 2013 I went to my first conference -- The Influence Conference in Indianapolis, IN & God shook my world, as I figured would happen, just not how I thought it would happen.

In 2013, God showed me how bound I have been by how I perceive others think about me, my body issues, my weight, my food addiction & my past. He has also given me over and over and over the promise of real freedom that is only found in Him.

In 2013 my mothering hasn't been where I'd like it to be. I haven't been as "present" as I'd like, promising myself over and over and over I would do better. So I would definitely like to focus more on fun & joyful mothering. 

In 2013 I have learned a lot about my marriage. That we are not that couple that people will wonder how in the world we make it look easy, but that we love each other so incredibly much that we just can't understand. I am going to drive him crazy with my craziness and nagging & he will drive me crazy with his lack of knowing how to put clothing in the clothes basket. I have learned that through the most difficult thick of it, we work as the best team ever. That he moves, I move; I move, he moves & after stressful, difficult days/times we grind each others nerves more than ever. 
Our marriage is a constant work & I am so thankful to do it with him.

In 2013 I have been more me. I've allowed myself to speak up even more. I'm that annoying woman who has too much of an opinion, if you ask I'm going to tell you, if you don't ask I'm probably still going to talk. I'm learning that I don't actually want to be a completely frumpy mom, but I do enjoy yoga pants & leggings with a cute top. So still frumpy, but in a less overall frumpy way. I've learned I absolutely love to curl my hair and feel more myself when my hair is curled & my make up is done.

/ / / / 

In 2014 I'm choosing joy.
There will be long, disastrous days.
There will be days that make me question my position as a wife & as a mother.
Days I wish Jesus would just take me home.

But in those days I want to reach for joy, to choose it, even when the clouds are heavy

I am believing BIG things for 2014.
I am believing that God has a lot in store for me and for my family.

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