Friday, December 6, 2013

I just want to lie down and pause

Life just feels to be getting too ahead of me. I just want to lie down and pause the world for a bit so I can catch up. It's just so non stop. The days seem to be closing and I feel failure daily. I was on twitter too much, we didn't even read one book today, I forgot to make dinner so I fed the kids cereal, my house is turned up side down, and I have not done one thing for advent.

Rest. I keep hearing work from rest. Why is this so hard to do? When I can't seem to accomplish my normal things I know I need real rest but I keep going hoping I can get ahead, but the truth is it just makes me farther behind. 

Rest. Today sounds like a perfect day to rest. Kids are cancelled from school. We can't really go anywhere and I just love Christmas movies. Movies + coffee, sounds like a plan!

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