Friday, December 6, 2013

Review of last months goals & December goals

Last month I jumped on the bandwagon with the November goals. I had set three goals:
1) Not stress about the thanksgiving at my house
2) New header
3) Having Addie completely potty trained.

1) There was stress, stress from hurt feelings
2) I did it & I love it
3) Well...we're still working on it, but making progress

December Goals: Three worked well last month so we'll stick with it

1) To fully enjoy the season of celebrating Jesus' birth, it's so easy to get down about not being able to buy all the things for all the wonderful people in our lives but that's just not what it's about, but I still out for one day where I can bless everyone with gifts.

2) Last year we did advent activities every day, this year Alex and Livi are playing basketball so I wasn't planning every day and now we haven't done one advent activity. So goal #2 is to give grace & know the teaching and showing love towards others is more important than the to-do list

3) To really look towards Him, I've realized the last few months I have allowed the ugliness of feeling left out to eat at my heart which just brings out the worst in me. I want to keep reminding myself that I am whole in Him and that who I am doesn't come from others

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