Monday, January 6, 2014

January Goals

In December my goals were about giving grace and really seeking Jesus during the season. I'd love to say I had some huge Jesus month, where I felt refreshed and satisfied, but truth is I didn't. I was holding onto a hope that I am so unsure of. Waiting on God and being angry for what I thought should happen didn't happen. All the way till December 31st I waited with full hope of the answers to come. For the big present. And it didn't. But isn't that how He works, always in His timing? His ways are higher than mine and even though I am hurt and confused and feel like I'm standing in the middle of a desert screaming "which way Lord?" I know He's right here, holding me in the waiting. While I'm screaming, He's whispering "Be patient."

Like so many January is a time to get back to business --
refreshment, better planning, real foods, exercising, better sleep
But it is so easy to become discouraged, to not see the big picture, that changes need to come slowly.
And never forget that GRACE needs it's place in the rearranging and the changing.

My January goals are 

1. Write in my food journal daily - even the bad days
2. Work out at least 4 days a week
3. Keep reaching for JOY


  1. it is hard waiting, but you are so right, He is there with us. i hope that while you are waiting in the Lord, He may shower you with His joy.

  2. Love this girl!!! I pray joy over you, overflowing joy in God's presence :) I'm always trying to workout more. Much love!